3 (Non) Feminine Behaviours: Part 1 | Dior Forever Foundation

3 (Non) Feminine Behaviours: Part 1 | Dior Forever Foundation

We are moving towards the end of January! Time flies, especially when you are enjoying life, while remaining focused on steady, stress-free and productive work.

Staying true to my niche – Femininity and Beauty, In this blogpost I am giving you 3 examples of non Feminine Behaviour and an honest review of a luxury foundation I restocked and wore on my BD Lunch.

Femininity is not so much about the looks, but about the behaviour we demonstrate.

Both men and women are very wise, and will subconsciously balance and complement the behaviour of each other in communication, so the more controlling and powerful you strive to be, the weaker and passive people you’re going to attract. Let’s look at some examples of non-feminine behaviour in women and see how it will affect the behaviour in people around you, naturally.

1* When Woman Talks all the Time about Women’s Right and Independence. A woman in her feminine does not need to prove anything to anyone. She simply starts being herself – a woman. The only thing a woman should be doing is to behave like a woman, and her man will naturally behave like a man around her. In fact, not just her man, any man. He will see a woman in her, and will start treating her like a real treasure and a delicate flower – with tenderness, love and care. We always have a choice to behave how we want, but we must also always remember about the consequences of our behaviour.

I love this foundation

2* “I Can Do it all Myself” Attitude. That is because she does not know to wait. She is impatient, restless, maybe even anxious. She does not know how to step aside, how to let people initiate things, how to give way. She always only counts on herself because she thinks it is just easier – to do it all on your own. And then in the end, she can even share her success with others, saying how she was able to do it all on her own, and maybe even blame a man on how incapable he was. When a woman pushes on the gas, a man pushes on breaks.

3* When a Woman Argues. Instead of having a conversation with people, where both exchange opinions, when you argue, you want to show your importance, the fact that you are right and your are the leader. As a result, you begin to literally fight with people and be their rival. If there is an argument with your partner, and you keep fighting again and again, just remember that your man does not argue with you. He argues with a man in you. He does not see a woman in you at that moment. That is why he becomes aggressive, rude or maybe even violent. As soon as you remember who you are – a woman – he will feel it, and will stop. If you think that this behavior of yours is only to express your opinion, think about it – what for? To win? Where is a feminine softness and tenderness here?

Let me know if this has given you food for thought, or you can relate to any of these traits? Very quickly I am moving to the beauty aspect of the post, and my precious Dior Forever! Using this piece if makeup makes you feel like a princess, the luxury vibe is real. But is it worth it?

Dior Forever enhances its natural matte finish. It evens out the complexion, visibly tightens pores, smooths the skin and controls shine. Its formula is composed of an 86%** skincare base and it is tested through heat and humidity, resistant to sweat, it ensures a flawless natural matte finish. For me it is totally worth it, living on a hot island, I wear makeup at work every day and from this foundation I use a single pump or a drop.

That is pretty much it, I am wishing you a lovely weekend, hugs… Gergana 🙂 xxx