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My name is Gergana and I am pleased to welcome you to my blog, where I share with you the secret of living a Life of a Feminine Goddess.

But first, who am I what made me interested in this way of being.

I was born in a small town in Bulgaria,

The society, community and type of family I grew up in formed a mentality of responsibility, trustworthiness and always appropriate conduct from a very young age, where I identified myself with sklls like – doing, thinking, logic, etc. which are typically masculine traits.

Those were years of uncertainty, when I was thinking about the direction I want to take in my own life. I believed undoubtedly that the only way to level up my life was through education and I made it the focus of my life, which I cannot be more thankful for now. I was already very studious and goal-oriented, so devoting myself completely to my studies and establishing an almost ten-year career as a teacher did give me a sense of achievement and contentment. But something was always missing, until I created my blog – until I started to reconnect with my femininity and start writing about it.

During those tough times of development I underestimated the power of self-love. I failed to recognise my worth, despite of the achievements that my mind could scknowledge. Not practising gratitude to myself resulted in a shy, unconfident personalty. In this blog I am talking about goals and achievements in one way or another, but most importantly I share my journey to knowing and loving myself, my story of creating the divine goddess that I am now and I hope the course I am writing about how you too can turn into such a goddess can help you find the missing pieces in your divine feminine persona and lifestyle.

Kisses 🙂