The Mind-Skin Connection | Chanel Skincare

The Mind-Skin Connection | Chanel Skincare

It is already Sunday evening and it was quite a nice day. I met a friend of mine for a coffee. I don’t meet her often, but whenever I do it is always a pleasant, informative and genuinely positive event. When I got home after the brunch, tidying my dressing table and dealing with the mess that I had left earlier while getting ready with my OOTD and make-up, and staring at the skincare products I am currently using, I realised once again how important this stuff is to me. 

In this post I am sharing a bit of my thoughts about something which I hadn’t contemplated and I was curious to find out more about – the link between mind and skin, how they affect one another and some mind-body techniques that can lead to a healthier relationship between these parts of our bodies.

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Apparently the way our skin looks and its general condition can have a psychological dimension. Our emotions can affect our skin and that relationship can be complex, it is closely studied in a field called Pshychodermatology. According to Dr. Ted A. Grossbart, at Boston’s Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, people who visit clinicians for a skin condition often have a related psychological problem that can affect the way they respond to medical treatment.  

The skin is the body’s largest organ. It contains cells that use the sun to manufacture vitamin D, nerve endings that are in constant contact with the brain, and an array of immune system cells that help ward off invaders such as bacteria and viruses. The brain and nervous system influence the skin’s immune cells through various receptors and chemical messengers — neuropeptides, for example. Scientists are investigating these and other substances in the skin that may respond to psychological stress. Research also suggests that chronic negative stress can disrupt the function of the skin’s permeability barrier, which normally keeps out harmful substances and prevents the loss of fluid from skin cell layers. This kind of disruption is thought to be a major factor in many skin diseases. Pshychodermatologic disorders can be:

  • Psychophysiological – they have a psychological basis but can be caused by stress and other emotional factors. They include acne, hair loss and herpes.
  • Secondly psychiatric ones include severe acne and vitiligo, which can produce feelings of shame or humiliation, erode self-esteem, cause depression and anxiety, and in general lower quality of life.
  • Primary psychiatric disorders are linked with preoccupation with and distress about an imagined or minor defect.

In all of the cases the mind patterns need to be addressed so that the brain can help the skin deal with its concerns. According to the individual case, person and condition treatments can be suggested or a combination of them, like hypnosis and psychotherapy. 

I personally find those approaches too strong for any problems that I have had, but I highly appreciate Relaxation and meditation. Progressive muscle relaxation, focused breathing, and mindfulness meditation are well-established antidotes to the harmful effects of the body’s response to stress. Relaxation techniques have been used along with conventional medical care in treating acne, eczema an so on. One small study of psoriasis patients found that those who listened to mindfulness meditation tapes while undergoing standard phototherapy healed faster than those who had the light treatment alone.

Here are my top relaxation methods:

  • Get active – exercise release endorphins that always make me feel great. Finding a regular time each week and sticking to it not just helps my mind to calm down but also gives me a nice feeling of persistence and an extra meaning of life. 
  • Get well – trying to eat healthy and combining that with staying hydrated and following my skincare routine makes such a huge difference to my inner peace.
  • Pursue a passion – making time for my hobbies is an instant way to feel happier. 

I hope you had a lovely weekend, have a peaceful and productive week!

Gergana :-*