A 30-Day Detox Programme

A 30-Day Detox Programme

Happy Friday 🙂

It is the ninth day of my detox programme and I must admit I feel great. It was one afternoon when I got home after work and I realised that I needed to do something. I was not feeling good about myself. I don’t mean my appearance, but the feeling about my inner body, me not being at peace with myself. 

Life is challenging enough and the way it goes on, its events can contribute to various unsatisfying sensations in us. However, at that point I could not distinguish any particular troublesome things or events, so I knew that however I felt about myself it was due to my nutrition, hydration and sleeping patterns. Each one of them is a strong enough factor for the proper functioning of a healthy body and our inner peace, let alone if they occur altogether simultaneously. 

One of my favourite ways to motivate myself to drink more water is buying a beautiful bottle that I literally want to keep with me everywhere and use it. After months of searching for it, I did find it, however all the amazing skincare and beauty in that shop prolonged my planned shopping time.

Knowing that eating well, staying hydrated and sleeping are crucial for better health and (inner) beauty I decided to undertake a thirty-day detox challenge. It is simple and it does not require any drastic changes, just little steps implemented in my daily routine. These alterations include the consumption of less sugar, dairy and coffee. From the other hand, I have been drinking more water, green juices and tea. 

I strongly believe that significant changes happen when we alter something small that we do every day. Changing even a tiny part of our routines and being consistent in making that change permanent can have a conspicuous effect on our lives. 

I haven’t completely eliminated dairy, even though it is proven that the reduced consumption of it improves skin tone and texture. Cow milk may contain hormones causing inflammation, that can manifest as acne. For now it is a big enough change that I don’t drink cappuccino first thing in the morning like I used to do all my (adult) life. How I start my mornings now is a cup of organic green tea, listening to a mindfulness podcast and doing my skincare and make-up. When I arrive at work I have my first coffee and I have one more till I leave.

Sugar from the other hand, causes insulin levels to rise due to its high glycemic index. The increased inflammation is a serious hindrance to healthy skin, resulting in sagging and wrinkles. There are many researches on sugar and its harmful impact, especially on skin, so I don’t aim to share anything that you haven’t already been exposed to. It is just a basic justification of my decision to cut down on sugar and more importantly this post is example of the core purpose of my blog, it’s my wellness and beauty diary towards bettering myself, where I collect my thoughts and researches on topics that interest me and which I want to keep at one place for future reference. All of this is also available here for anyone who might have had or will have similar questions or passions.

In terms of water and smoothies, I have been trying to stay hydrated and I also add organic protein powders to my juices, in this way they are filling, nutritious and so tasty.

Along with my green juices and teas aiming to hydrate my body from within, it is also essential to keep the skin hydrated externally. I am currently trying these NUXE products from the Aquabella range, which I found in Bulgaria last month. Being suitable for combination/oily skin, the moisturiser is very light and refreshing and all the products (also the hand cream) smell amazing.

I am very exited to make this change a constant part of my routine because self improvement on a physical and mental level is a crucial part of my mindset and what I consider to be myself.

Have a mindful, positive and healthier weekend! Gergana xxx