Packing For A Holiday

Packing For A Holiday

I cannot believe that my last holiday was a year ago. Time flies, but now I start to understand my closest colleagues asking me how I manage to do that. Well, I guess I was just happy to be back to Malta after spending the entire last summer in Bulgaria… and here I am getting ready to visit the country again TONIGHT!

I am originally from Bulgaria and over the last nearly 10 years I have gained lots of experience with flying, despite of that packing remains a stressful event. I have learned something though and it is that you never need all the things you think you need and therefore bring with you on a holiday. Always, there are items of clothing, shoes, even make-up that remain untouched in my suitcase for the entire holiday and right now I am at this stage of my life when I have already started to simplify my life, know myself better and simply enjoy Being. This mindset made me confident enough to venture into traveling with just a hand luggage. Yes, for a fortnight! Here are the aspects that I considered and that made me feel relaxed and less stressed about my packing:

Focus on the duration of your vacation and research the typical weather conditions for that time.

Since I am going home for less than two weeks, it is summer and I will be staying in my own house I consider bringing lots of items with me unnecessary and complicating my experience when the idea is to restore my inner peace and refresh my soul after a busy year of duties, schedules, punctuality and persistence.

Think about the possible activities you might get involved in or – like I do – plan them precisely.

Having an idea where I am going, who I am meeting and what things I may end up doing is very important to me. I like being spontaneous at times but in general I love planning and order. Clarifying this aspect as much as possible make it easier to go to the next level:

Organise your items in different sections according to your activities.

Essentials 🙂

My essential categories are: Skin care, make-up, clothing, haircare products/ devices and shoes. Once everything is divided into categories I arrange the items in pouches, which makes it so easy for me to see where everything is and find it if I need it in the noise and uneasiness at airports.

I feel ready to go, but now there is some time left so I will enjoy this cappuccino and do my simple make-up.

Kisses, Gergana 🙂 xxx