Know What You Need & Value What You Have

Know What You Need & Value What You Have

Have you ever been approached by a stranger, one of those ‘beauty experts’ who often annoyingly try to catch your attention and persuade you to buy something. I was, twice a fortnight ago.

On one of my lunch breaks I decided to drop in on Franks (one of my favourite beauty shops). To begin with, I’ll briefly mention that somehow I’d broken my Ted Baker class water bottle in my bag, so I started the day with leaking water on the floor in the teacher’s room :D, which didn’t feel that funny at that time.

Without much thinking I decided to get the same bottle from the same shop since there were about two more left in Malta and it was not very likely that they order more due to the price of the object, which some would define as unreasonable for a water bottle. Besides, the bottles are limited edition and it is doubtful whether the brand would reproduce the same design.

I was headed towards the shop when an English guy got my attention. For a change I decided to stop and listen to what he was so eager to tell me. He represented a completely unknown to me brand, a skincare one from… I cannot even remember. He showed me some products and applied them on my hand for me to get a feeling of the texture and what was surprising for me was his belief that from that simple application on my hand I could assume and trust the ‘great qualities’ of the products. Whatever I am not familiar with, I ask for samples and good brands know the importance of that and therefore are prepared for that initial step.  I made it clear that I don’t mind spending more on something that is good, however it is impossible for me to get something I have no knowledge about. He then kept reducing the price of the moisturiser, he made an appealing offer and overall he appeared as a pushy sales assistant to a point when the conversation lost its polite and respectful manner, which somehow made me want to laugh. At that point I felt it was time to apply one of the hardest things I had to learn in my life – to say ‘No’ in a way that reflects my positive and respectful attitude, a No coming from a solid understanding of what is best for me. He got the message and I went to Franks for the bottle and other creams from Guerlain and Clinique (I’ll share my thoughts about them in separate posts), which I researched for days beforehand, let alone the fact that I have tried the brands multiple times and I know I can trust them.

Later on that same week, I was on my way to The Point, I needed a night moisturiser, when I was again stopped by such people. This time they were promoting skincare made of wine extracts or something… when I saw the brand, which was again completely unknown to me, I recognised the concept and instantly remembered the bad experience of one of my colleagues with that brand. It is called – Vine Vera. I didn’t even stop for a chat, jut got the sample, which still I haven’t used, and kept walking.

As someone who has always been passionate about wellbeing and self-improvement, I like taking notes after every experience. Here are some simple things I’ll keep in mind after those experiences:

  • breaking the bottle I love

reminded me to always take care of the things that matter to me, which for me applies to human’s interactions in the same way, for if a bottle is possible to replace with the same one, some things can be irreplaceable. Secondly, once you acknowledge your mistake, whether you broke an object or hurt and important to you person, don’t be so hard on yourself. Try to be less emotional and ask yourself the question ‘What’s the right thing I need to do next?’

The bottle was part of a stationary collection, of course I got the notebook too!
  • In terms of encountering pushy sales assistances:

always go to a shop with certain knowledge of your skin type and its current needs. If you are adventurous and if you like trying new products like me, always research the brands, its ranges and specific products, then read the description of the item you’re interested in. Get a sample in person and pay attention to how your skin responds to it for a few days, especially in daily light; or if it’s make-up notice how it makes you feel.

It’s the weekend, I hope everyone is enjoying it, and if you plan to go shopping for skincare or make up any soon, stay informed and be sensible while doing so, your skin will tank you later.

kisses, Gergana 🙂 xxx